Friday, October 29, 2010

At the dispensary

The doctor at the dispensary is the nicest doctor I met in the past years. She spent almost an hour with my checkup and she's really interested in what I have.
- She heard bad sounds through the phonendoscop and she thought I had asthma so she sent me to the asthma ambulance where I’ll go on Thursday.
- While checking my lung functions she put a pulsoximeter (like a clip) on my finger and she got worried: the pulsoximeter showed (I observed it several times in the past few weeks) that I had tachycardia, so she sent me also to a cardiologist where I’ll go on Wednesday.
When I'll have the papers (I don't know what the English word is for those papers - maybe medical findings - which contain, what kind of medical examinations you had and what these show... and what kind of treatment you'll get after all these things.) I have to go back to her in the dispensary (hopefully we'll know, what's wrong with me, if not, it'll take more time to figure it out, I guess) and I'll get the right treatment or medicins...

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