Friday, October 29, 2010

At the dispensary

The doctor at the dispensary is the nicest doctor I met in the past years. She spent almost an hour with my checkup and she's really interested in what I have.
- She heard bad sounds through the phonendoscop and she thought I had asthma so she sent me to the asthma ambulance where I’ll go on Thursday.
- While checking my lung functions she put a pulsoximeter (like a clip) on my finger and she got worried: the pulsoximeter showed (I observed it several times in the past few weeks) that I had tachycardia, so she sent me also to a cardiologist where I’ll go on Wednesday.
When I'll have the papers (I don't know what the English word is for those papers - maybe medical findings - which contain, what kind of medical examinations you had and what these show... and what kind of treatment you'll get after all these things.) I have to go back to her in the dispensary (hopefully we'll know, what's wrong with me, if not, it'll take more time to figure it out, I guess) and I'll get the right treatment or medicins...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update #3

The ENT-doctor said on Monday, that my throat was inflamed (it wasn’t new information for me) and I got new medicine. I went back today, because I thought it didn’t help, but the doctor said, I was healthy again. And then, in front of the doctor, I had a suffocating attack. She was “shocked” and sent me to the dispensary... But first I need to go back to the GP to get a prescription.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Break... YAY!!! :)

October 23 is national holiday in Hungary and we got these 2 days (the 21st and 22nd) as fall break. I had an appointment at my doctor for today. He didn’t understand why I’m still sick and he sent me to the ENT-doctor. That's my program for Monday. I hope I'll be given a medicin and can go back to school soon.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today I went to our Academic dean to ask him to let me take the courses in English, which means that I would like to have the syllabi and to write the tests in English. And I also wanted to ask him about a course:

Magdi: I saw your name in the schedule. Will you really teach us Evolution?
Andy: No, I will teach you Creationism!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Guest ministry

My R.A. is responsible for the youth group in her church. Because the majority of these kids are gypsies older member of the congregation are afraid and against everything Eszter is doing in the church. We are constantly praying for these young people as well for the older ones. Of course she always needs help. She also asked me to join them at least one time but to tell the truth I didn't really want to.
Gypsies don't have good reputation in Hungary. There are two kind of gypsies - those who work, are responsible and diligent; and those who are lazy and like to earn their money by stealing. I had gypsy classmates in elementary school and they were troublemakers. I wanted rather to be friends with them because I thought they wouldn't harm their friend. It worked most of the times. And they were all girls.
Well Eszter asked me to go at this weekend. It was a good opportunity to ministry but my fears were bigger. I'd found excuses - like I had to study a lot and I didn't have money - which were all true but I misused them. The time had come. For the very first time I've found an envelop with money in my mailbox with a note "Have a nice weekend!". I knew this amount would cover the trip and I believed God had a purpose with it. So at the end I said yes.

We left on Friday afternoon and went straight to the church. It was a pleasant evening with teaching (my ministry leader did it - it was the same topic we had just at the beginning of the week), games (Lauren and I were asked to prepeare some icebreakers and I was her interpreter too) and pancakes.
The next day we visited some gypsy families in the town. We helped the kids do their homeworks, were talking to their older siblings and parents, then we also went for a walk with at least six little girls. They told many things about themselves, we were holding hands, singing old songs....
When we got to the first family I got sick. The room was so messy and dirty, well grimy, there were flies everywhere, it smelled after smoke... but their hearts were so big! We were laughing, we got coffee and I had immediately changed there. It wasn't easy to hold back my tears.
I learnt so many things at this weekend and I'm so thankful to my God for it!
- God created us all in His own image (Gen 1:27)
- From one man He made all the nations and He marked out their appointed times and the boundaries of their lands (Acts 17:26)

Why do we look at the skincolor of the people? Why do we accuse others for their sins? We are the same - all hungry, we fear, we are cold when winter comes, they are not worse or better than we are! It doesn't matter how they are, God gave His precious Son for them too!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bible school classes 2010/11

I didn't know that a picture would be taken of us. One of my roommates is handicapped and two of us helped her to get on the stage. The others didn’t move and I was her shorter helper, unfortunately I couldn’t move forward that’s why I can be hardly seen…


1st row: Joshua (USA), István (Hungary), Jan (Czech), Silviu (Romania), David (USA/Romania), Balázs (Hungary), Josiah (USA/Philippines), Richard (Hungary), Telemaco (Brazil), Gabriel (Brazil), Andre (Brazil), Ivan (Serbia), Christopher - Main translator (USA/Hungary)
2nd row: Eszter (Hungary), Fanni (Hungary), Mónika - Dean of women (Transylvania), Karolina - Nurse (Czech), Zsuzsi - Secretary (Hungary), Bernabe (Argentina), Gergő (Hungary), Rebecca (Germany), Noémi (Ukraine), András (Ukraine), Alyssa (Brazil-UK), Karine (Brazil-UK), Roberto (Brazil), Nicole (USA), Ashley - Assistant dean of women (USA)
3rd row: me, Yana - Assistant to the deans (Ukraine/USA), Laura (New Zealand/France), Emilia (Transylvania),  Jill - Admissions assistant (USA), Rebecca (USA/Hungary), Elyse (Canada)
4th row: Randall - Dean of men (USA), Lauren (USA), Paul - Executive dean and Bible teacher (USA), Józsué (Hungary), Ákos (Hungary), Alexander (USA), Sámuel (Hungary), Aaron (USA), István - Dean of studenst (Hungary), Andrew - Academic dean (USA)  

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Biblical Communication

In the first two weeks of October we had “Biblical communication” which was a real challenge for me. I don’t like to talk in front of people, but here I had to. It was only an introduction (we will have two other courses), but first I had to share my testimony in five, then I had to preach about one proverb (in my case it was 10:12 "Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.") in eight minutes! Don’t think WOL wants me to become a preacher, but it’s good for me how to understand the Bible better!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Lauren Joy Wagner
Lauren was my roommate for like a week. But I got to know her a little bit and I can tell she's not only a very nice person but a true friend who sees when a sister is in need. If we have time we like to tell stories (mostly about ourselves) to each other and we also pray. She was the person I was praying in English for the very first time with.
I was upset in the first weeks, I always felt that my problems, the bad news I get, are trials and I couldn't bear them. (To tell the truth I also was about leaving the Bible school.) She just has to look at me and she knows at once that something is wrong with me. She gives up her plans and she's there for me.  
Her favorite Bible verse is also a big encouragement for me: 
" I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." 

-John 16:33-

Orientations and try-outs

In the first week of school we had many orientations...way too many! :) But it's okay, there are more people who didn't hear those informations at all. :)
We also had to write a Bible knowledge test (I wrote this for the third time...), the language placement test and the ministry try outs. If you remember, last year I played in the drama called Born Again To A Living Hope but this year I really wanted to be in the sing team or do Sunday school in an international church in Budapest. In the audition… I almost couldn’t sing at all, because I am sick since the end of August. But you know that.
In two weeks we were told what our ministries were. I’m doing Bible clubs (nobody signed up for this ministry) on Monday afternoons in a Presbyterian Church in another town in the nearby (about 20 minutes by car). That news shocked me. I was sure that I can do Sunday school, because Randall - the dean of men and also the cordinator of this ministry - officially welcomed me in his team. He said I won't do Sunday school in that I case I didn't want to. But I want to!!
I don't know anything about the Bible knowledge test - maybe it's better so :) but I know that my English test was the second best (and the best Hungarian) so I don't have to take English classes, because my knowledge is more advanced than what they can offer in class.
A Hungarian proverb says "One of my eyes is crying, the other one is laughing." meaning "I am half-sad, half-happy about it." I'm happy because it's a kind of honorable mention, but I'm also sad because now I really don't have a chance to practice (and to improve) my English.