Friday, September 10, 2010

Dorm arrangement

I was so happy. Happy as I can be.
Last year I wanted to get into the international dorm and this wish of mine didn't change a bit. Before arriving to the R.A. training I was told that both girls dorms would be international, because there would be only a few Hungarian girls who all can speak English pretty well (oh thank you *blush*). We knew only about the second year girls.
The day before yesterday we arranged the dorms and ours is just beautiful (I will post pictures later). We also went "shopping" and bought pinkish wrapping papers to decorate our room. We also made a wall (like a bulletin board) just to write interesting and funny sayings, prayer requests etc...
Yesterday afternoon we were told that 2 other girls would come who can't speak English at all. For them it would be to difficult to live with the internationals... :( The dorms had to be arranged again, Lauren had to move out from Kenya (the others hadn't arrived yet), Emilia had to move out from Costa Rica, and now we have a Hungarian and an international dorm. That's so unfair... Those girls would never learn English because they just don't use the language...

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