Saturday, September 18, 2010

Conquered the fears

In the first week (September 13-17) the first year students had Personal Evangelism class, while we had Street Evangelism.
In the last two days we headed to Budapest for an open-air evangelism ministry. I really was afraid of it, because I don’t like to go up to people to accost them. I think I’m afraid of what they would say and that I would stand there alone don’t knowing what to say. But our instructor, Mr. Frey told us, that we’re never alone! He often goes out in the streets of New York City but he said, he’s never alone: “There are six of us: Me, myself and I, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, so that’s majority.” It was really encouraging talking with him. I don’t say I wasn’t afraid any more, but I prayed and trusted the Lord. As far as I know around 60 people prayed openly and professed to trust Christ as their Savior!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Opening Weekend

On September 10-12 the Bible school students for the new school year were welcomed. In addition to the returning students, the first year class is one of the largest, with 35 students from twelve different countries. 

And we're still waiting for students to arrive from Uganda & Kenya. We're praying for them to get their visas.

My mouth was full - it was hard to smile :-) 
The new Kenya

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dorm arrangement

I was so happy. Happy as I can be.
Last year I wanted to get into the international dorm and this wish of mine didn't change a bit. Before arriving to the R.A. training I was told that both girls dorms would be international, because there would be only a few Hungarian girls who all can speak English pretty well (oh thank you *blush*). We knew only about the second year girls.
The day before yesterday we arranged the dorms and ours is just beautiful (I will post pictures later). We also went "shopping" and bought pinkish wrapping papers to decorate our room. We also made a wall (like a bulletin board) just to write interesting and funny sayings, prayer requests etc...
Yesterday afternoon we were told that 2 other girls would come who can't speak English at all. For them it would be to difficult to live with the internationals... :( The dorms had to be arranged again, Lauren had to move out from Kenya (the others hadn't arrived yet), Emilia had to move out from Costa Rica, and now we have a Hungarian and an international dorm. That's so unfair... Those girls would never learn English because they just don't use the language...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

R.A. Training

I moved to Tóalmás on September 2, because RA-training started. 14 of us took part on it. We had seminars in the mornings and also in the afternoons. After devotion in the morning we were introduced to the school philosophy, policy, academics, ministry, etc. and we also had a course named Biblical Counseling. In every 2nd or 3rd evening we were invited to a staff family to have fellowship with them and to have more time to get to know each other.
On Saturday we had ministry in the OM (Operation Mobilization) Centre in Érd (about 25 kms / 15.5 miles away from Budapest), and basically we cleaned the whole house, during the guys worked in the garden.
After the training was almost over we had one-on-ones with two deans, they tried to figure it out how we react or what we would do in different situations. On the very last day the new resident assistants were announced and also which room we would live in. I'm not an R.A. which means, I have more time to study and to write my thesis and I also think, I don't have to be an R.A. for doing, what an R.A. does: to pay attention to the others, to talk or even listen to them, do counceling...