Sunday, June 20, 2010

Viennese Wedding

June 19th 2010

Preparations and preparations...
So many girls sharing the one and only bathroom in order to get ready for the wedding... and go!

A kiss after the vows.
It was windy and rainy outside, but so warm and lovely inside. It was so good to get to know the groom and see the many familiar faces after years again. Who was happier? Me, the family or the couple? Happiness has more levels, but still I think my happiness wasn't far behind. The wedding was perfectly beautiful. I was touched, I wished Rod (the bride's father) would perform the ceremony. And so he did. 
Afterwards it got sunny and there was time to congratulate Leslie & Felix, to take some pictures and to talk to friends.

With her family in the backyard of the church.
My American family the Lord has used in my life in so many ways! 

Some of Leslie's German friends shared their car with the German friends - meaning high school friend Aline (we all know each other since we were freshmen) and me. We rode to Laxenburg where the feast was held with beautiful decorations and way too many delicious food. 
It was the perfect reception I could ever dream of.
Yes, this was my dream wedding. It's like someone else was living my dream. But it was still beautiful. Picture a girl growing up while watching the Sissi trilogy starring Romy Schneider. Picture this girl's love for Vienna and Strauss's music, for all the big ballroom dances like quadrilles, cotillions and waltz. Now imagine you are this girl and you have already planned your "Sissi" style wedding... music plays while having supper and people dance these old fashioned social dances. 
Now imagine attending "your" wedding which isn't yours at all. This may seem confusing, but I'm not sad at all. Actually I saw that this kind of wedding has no chance in my world, my family. They wouldn't play the role. And being in Austria made it more special. Yes it was special. Yes, it was my dream and I'm glad it came true - not for me, but it just doesn't matter. 

Since I make it only worse, let the pictures talk for themselves.

Aren't they beautiful? Such a lovely couple!!
I was so honored to take part in their wedding and to be asked to sing with her family!

It was so romantic, when they left... we made an aisle, standing on the sides with sparkles in our hands.They marched down, waving good byes and driving off "into the sunset".


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