Thursday, October 15, 2009

Class of 2010 (1st + 2nd year together)

Actually I don't even remember when this was taken. And a few people are missing... :s

1st  row (from left to right): Emilia (Transylvania), Luana (Brazil), Peg - English instructor (USA), Marie-Pier (Canada), Marianne (Canada), Stéphanie (Canada), Hannah (Germany), Gina (Romania), me, Ágnes (Hungary), Eszter (Hungary), Rózsa (Hungary), David (originally from Columbia moved to Canada)
2nd row: Zsuzsi - Secretary (Hungary), Jill - Admissions assistant (USA), Jerrod (USA), Mishaela (USA/Brazil), Yana (Ukraine/USA), Miriam (Germany), Johanna (Germany), Abi (Canada), Trisha (Canada), Anita (Hungary), Ingrid (Hungary), David (Brazil-UK)
3rd  row: Karol (Poland), Alex - Main Bible teacher (USA/Hungary), Paul - Executive dean and Bible teacher (USA), László - Bible teacher (Hungary), Christopher - Main translator (USA/Hungary), Michael (USA), Gergő (Hungary), Fanni (Hungary), Antoine (Canada), István - Dean of students and translator (Hungary), Daniel - Admissions assistant (USA), Randall - Dean of men (USA), Tímea - Assistant of dean of women (Transylvania)     

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