Thursday, September 10, 2009

Worrying about my Dad

It's Monday (September 7).
My Dad took our Arthur for a walk, came home, had breakfast and left for working.
In the tram he got sick.
In his workplace he went to the doctor, who examined his heart with EKG, and yes, my father had a HEART ATTACK! The doctor called the ambulance and he was taken to the cardiology.
My favorite co-worker of him was there for him. He was the one, who called my Mom, he went with him in the ambulance vehicle, he was waiting for my Mom and visited my Dad every day in the hospital.

The Summer of 2005, Tirol, Austria

When we got the bad news my sister and my youngest nephew also were here at us. After trying to comfort Mom, we sent her to change while I changed my Erik's diaper. My sister jumped in her car with them and they all left.
I had to stay at home. I couldn't do anything but to kneel down and pray. It was a strange feeling loosing my father. But God is gracious and he's alive!

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