Saturday, September 5, 2009

On the ranch

Friends reunited for a final horseback-riding.

I guess, it's really the last one for us three together. We're all grown up and have our own lifestyle.. unfortunately we don't have time for each other and our lives are too different. 

When I first met Dóri, we were only 6 years old. We became classmates and best friends for the years of the elementary school and high school. We went to parties and we danced.. a lot. She moved to her boyfriend and I got to know Christ. I chose a non-wordly life.

I think we were about 13 when we met Nóri (2 years younger) in the riding school. We three got close friends immediately. She quarreled with her mother and moved out... first to her grandma, since then to guys. She's drinking and (I'm not sure about) taking party-drugs. She thinks that the only solution for all problems is sex.

And now on this beautiful, sunny Saturday we spent a few hours together... ending up with a  "persecution" because of my faith.

Will there ever be a chance for them to get saved?
I'm praying for them!

About two months ago Dóri got married - that was the big reunion of us three after 4 years.

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