Sunday, September 13, 2009

Moving to Tóalmás

When I first heard about Word of Life... no, I didn't really know, it was WOL. I just knew, that my friend, Leslie was attending a Bible school in New York State. Why on earth did a P.K. want to go to a Bible School?? I thought it was enough what she could hear from her father at home... I guess I was wrong at that time.

With Leslie in 1999.
Leanna and me in 2000.

When I was 21 - almost 22 - I recognized that I was a sinner. (As we Hungarians would say: "Better later than never.") I knew that only God could forgive my sins and I needed someone who could lead me to Him. Months passed by since Leanna, Leslie's sister last wrote to me. But comparing her to other people, the difference was, that she's really caring for me and she was interested in my life and problems. The Lord used her. She chose to write me at that time I needed her friendship at most!

After I got saved she told me about Word of Life Hungary. I saw their website and decided immediately that I wanted to study here.
The time has come and I'm here!
It wasn't easy to say good-bye to my father, but I knew, that he'd be okay.

The Andrássy-Castle in Tóalmás

It was September 11, when I moved to Tóalmás. Ever since I can remember my big dream was to go to Canada... I'm still dreaming, but now, for a year I'll live in the dorm "Kanada".
 I have five new roomates and I'm the second oldest. I'll definetely need to pray - a lot - and to compromise when I want to stay with them. (Actually I don't want to... I asked the dean of women to put me into an international dorm.)
Maybe it was a too courageous decision to come here... No, I need to focus on the "one" THING I wanted to come for - to study the Bible, to get to know God better and became a better servant of Him!

From September 11 to 13 we had the Opening Weekend. A weekend to get to know each other a bit better - not only the roommates and fellow-students but also the interns and the staff. We had full-program for every day and it wasn't easy at all to get every stuff from the suitcases into the closets.
We had a cross-cultural seminar (one for the Hungarians and one for the foreigners) and we were asked not to teach rubbish to the internationals... we all began to laugh. Monca, the dean of women asked if we had taught something so far... Instead of answering my R.A. just asked if we could wait till he tells it to somebody for the first time...

School starts tomorrow :-)

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