Sunday, September 27, 2009

Andi & Brini

1st day
Germany, here I am!” – that’s what I said when my plane landed. I hoped to be picked up at the airport but I couldn’t help thinking of the last time I arrived at the Schönefeld Airport in Berlin 4 years ago. Andreas and Roland – Sabrina’s brother came for me. I stayed with Sabrina’s family and while eating supper the parent’s told us to eat faster because we would be late. Late for what? They didn’t answer. Andi asked me if I wanted to go to their apartment in the nearby and of course I wanted to see how they live.
I was talking with Sabrina (by the way the apartment is just gorgeous!:-)) when three girls appeared. I knew Myri and Franzi from my time working as au pair but now I got to know Dominique, the girlfriend of Andi’s twin-brother, Stephan. They organized a “bachelor” party for both of them. As for us, girls, we were just talking, drinking (o-juice in my case, because I’m not allowed to drink alcohol) and watching a girl-movie. Don’t ask which one!

2nd day
Basically we were just preparing for the “Polterabend” at night – it’s a German wedding custom in which on the night before the wedding the guests break porcelain to bring luck to the couple's marriage. The belief in the effectiveness is expressed by the old adage: “Shards bring luck”. I met Matthias and his father, Peter there. They came to arrange the music for the party. I was surprised it was strange to be called Lizzy again.
We were in the living room with Andi when I saw him arriving with bicycle. I physically got sick I could hardly breath and didn’t want to go outside at all. I really needed Andreas to hold his hand and to hide behind his back. After greeting each other with a handshake I had to go back inside and pray.
But I had to go outside when more people came and I got hungry enough. It was good to see the old friends and to talk with them. Oh, how I miss them!
Please pray for Matthias – he’s sick. He’s diagnostised with Crohn’s disease – an inflammatory bowel disease. He had to be operated several times and he lost so much weight!

Ben and Franzi
Matthias and me
With Andreas and Christoph
 3rd day
After having breakfast I had time to get a shower and to get ready for the wedding while the couple got married in the civil registry office. I also went with Sabrina’s mother to the church to decorate it.
At 2:00 pm the ceremony started. It was a strange feeling to be there on the wedding. They wanted to get married before God and even so when I looked around I knew that I was the one and only born again Christian in the whole “room” and I had the feeling that somebody very important is missing. As they wouldn’t have invited God to the wedding.

With the parents and grandparents
With their siblings
Thanks God I wasn’t the only one on their party who didn’t drink. Matthias is also not allowed to drink because of his sickness. But not to dance was a harder job. I was brought on the dance floor. After the second or third time I stayed and danced with my friends. It was after midnight and it was hard to explain them why I didn’t want to dance. Especially because I wanted to dance.
And we talked. He came to me, because he wanted to talk with me. His reactions were quite interesting but I think he understood me and he knew I was right. He was provocative and I saw at him pitiful. I know that with God’s help I could forgive him.    

Husband and wife
Ben and me
4th day 
Sabrina’s friends were staying also at the family and Andreas wanted to show Falkensee to them. Memories came into my mind when we went to the “Scheinwerferberg” and I also wanted to go to my house. It isn’t the same since a new family is living in it. But I went around, I looked on my window and I almost cried.   
At Myri’s there was a little “Oktoberfest” in the evening because they’re from Bavaria. I did go to the party to say good-bye to the others. He and his girlfriend were also there. He seemed to be glad seeing me again. I talked to this girl and warned her. “Love him! Just be very careful!” what I told her. I hope he changed and won’t be fool anymore.

5th day
9:10 am. My plane took off.
My Dad is at home!! He spent the last 3 weeks in a sanatory almost at the border to Austria. Now I had some hours with him before going back to Tóalmás.        

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