Sunday, August 16, 2009

25 Random Facts

I was tagged on facebook to write 25 random facts about me. I decided to copy them here:

1. Mom has two, Daddy three daughters. I am the baby in the family.

2. I am of Cuman, Hungarian, Rusyn and Swabian descent.

3. My first language is Hungarian, but I also speak German and English. Next I would like to learn French, Hebrew and Old Greek.

4. I was told I had a talent for languages, but I can't think in German and English at the same time.

5. I like nutella and all kind of chocolate (without raisin, please!:) I think I couldn't live without chocolate! Don't ask how much the scale shows! ;)

6. I am 5.512 feet tall (~ according to the online converter I used).

7. Genetically I am blond. The color of my hair is called: dark blond.

8. My eyes are green although sometimes they seem to change their color to blue.

9. I was 6 months old when I was christened and confirmed in a Greek Catholic Church. In contempt of this I was going to a Roman Catholic Church till I was about 20. When I was 21 I was going to the same Greek Catholic Church my parents got married in.

10. I am very romantic and I was always in love. I was 18 months old at the first time. We were on holiday in Nyíregyháza. Andrew was 16 then. I also serenaded him: I "sang" a song about horses! :)

11. I hated the kindergarten and I often went back to the day nursery. There was only a fence between. My nurse is like a grandmother to me, we are still in contact.

12. As a kid I wanted to become an astronaut and work at NASA. I wanted to go to outer space and explore the Moon. I wanted to be also an astronomer to study the stars.

13. I never doubted God exists. I was 5 years old when my Grandma first told me about Him and I wanted to go to church immediatley to get to know Jesus and learn more about Him.

14. I always wanted to live by the turn of the century (19th to 20th), when men were (gentle)men and women were (ladys /) women. And those dresses! They’re wonderful!

15. I was 6-7 years old when I first watched the Anne-movies and as soon as I could I read all books about Anne (and some other) by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Meanwhile I watched my favourite TV series "Road to Avonlea". Did I mention I like reading very much?

16. My dream is to visit Canada, especially P.E.I.

17. I like lighthouses.

18. I was 8 years old when I became aunt. I have two nieces and three nephews.

19. I like music. I could play the recorder and I haven't given up the hope to learn how to play the piano and the guitar. If I can afford and play it, I'll buy a Yamaha CLP-230. I like singing too, but I don't think the others like listening to me :))

20. At 10 I was diagnosed with Gastroesophageal reflux disease and I was endoscopied and some weeks / months later I had a 24 hour esophageal impedance-pH monitoring.

21. Since elementary school I use my free time to ride horses.

22. I was 11 when I was in Germany at the first time. I visited my relatives in Bavaria. There were some words I prefered to use like "egal" (it’s the same / no matter).

23. I was 12 as I broke my left little finger. We were playing basketball in PE.

24. I was 16 as I got my first cell phone. It was a Siemens C25. When I first took it out from the house I went to the riding school. It was the first time (and the last) I had an accident with a horse. Matyi fell and I fell under him. Clavicle fracture.

25. In 2000 I was told the Gospel for the first time! But I needed some years till I made the final decision. In 2005 I got saved. Almost one year later I found a church (Baptist) and a year later (October 7th, 2007) publicly declaring my faith in Christ I was baptized. It isn't easy to live in a family as the one born again Christian.